Screen shot from R8 micro page - Click here to see more

AUDI R8 - The official micro page on the super car provides fantastic impressions and downloads

Basically we have our Web Link category to hint to cool stuff on the Internet. But since copyright problems and delayed responses keep us from finishing the next editorials for this section, we exceptionally recom-
mend a page at this place. Not only it is worth being commented on, we are also much too coquette to keep the black and white announcing image of our crossover vehicle item next to the new coloured ones in our Update Section: It doesn't match any longer! After all we want to be the best looking car magazine on the Internet!

Some might have already discovered Audi's micro page for the brand new super car R8, but those who didn't find it yet will most surely appre-
ciate that we refer to this site. It includes, in addition to a screensaver, some great wallpapers. And it also provides fantastic animated graphics of the car. The 360 view configurator in this site might be an obligatory feature for such a page but dreaming of something can almost be as nice as owning it. So just configurate your own R8, pick out the coolest extras for it, download all the splendid stuff and get mesmerised by almost lifelike pictures of the car. Start > here..!

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