Volkswagen Atacama concept They aren't the first who consider turning
a commercial vehicle into a fun car, although a previous attempt by Mercedes has been rejected. But since even the military vehicle Hummer started a civil career, realising a project as shown by VW with the Crafter Atacama seems worth a try. Some back-
ground on this come here:


Mercedes already contemplated to offer their Unimog truck as an huge über-offroader for the boulevard. Full leather upholstery and a super audio system had been intended to add luxurious comfort to the cabin of the multi-purpose 4WD truck which is mainly used in agriculture and emergency management.

But many within and also out of the DaimlerChrysler combine arrived at the conclusion that the motor lorry ain't a proper basis for an expensive high society car. Also the gas guzzling Hummer, that was role model for the considerations, ain't necessarily something for cruising along a boulevard, driving to a business meeting or any social gatherings.

And the Humvee was much more suitable for everyday use. Volkswagen are now introducing the Atacama concept and present a further, different approach of how to turn a commercial truck into a lifestyle product. In contrast to the Unimog, Volks-
wagen's biggest delivery truck, the Crafter, is a
much better basis as the photos prove.

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