the new Z4 Coupe (foreground) in comparison to our Z3 Targa concept (background)

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The very first concept car that we introduced in was a Z3 fastback, in early 2003. On the IAA of this year, Munich had shown such a car on the Z4's platform as a concept car. It foreshadowed the shape of the new Z4 Coupe. And there are many similarities to our draft. On the other hand, what else could be the look of a Bimmer coupe on this basis!? The typical shape of the quarter window is an identification feature of BMW cars. That way it is a must which predefines the profile of the window line - together with the roof that declines towards to the rear.


The quarter window of the Z4 concept is a bit shorter than ours which is mainly a result of the pronounced spoiler. This a significant differences. Our suggestion was also a Targa. Not only a detachable roof segment is cheaper than the usual cabrio-coupe solutions, it is also a safer but very rare option. We just anticipated some to like our concept's rear more than the Z3's in Shooting Brake-style. And BMW have obviously arrived at the same point now.

That is why we very much look forward to seeing the car soon on the road. Turning it into a Targa will be tuner's job. Since we said in the text on our concept: 'with a fair degree of certainty a handmade conversion will sadly remain a dream because of the expenses. That's just the way it is! There's always something that leaves over to dream of', Munich is proving us wrong in this regard. To be frank, we really don't mind that a Z Coupe Targa is easier to realise when the coupe version of the Z4 is out, after all BMW is confirming us in the gist of our approach.


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