SOTRO - Summer Of The Roadster - Special

Here come all reports of our 2005's summer special on Roadsters. As we love that kind of cars, we had introduced a few of the most exciting ones, adding some subjective remarks. And as that type of vehicle aims at good weather, we couldn't drive everything we wanted to. That's just the way it is with roadsters. Nonetheless it was great fun for us and so we hope the articles will be the same to you.

Wiesmann MF3

-Wiesmann MF3
Appears to be a classic cruiser but is a modern car and, by far faster than it seems
Porsche Boxster (tuned by TechArt)

-Driven: Boxster S
As it looks cooler with
add-on parts, we took
the test car from the tuner TechArt
YES! Roadster

-Not Driven: YES!
Bad weather had spoiled a test drive. But, we reported on the driving machine though

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SOTRO items

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-An Obituary
-VW Roadster Plans
-P.G.O. Speedster II
-Terminating Lines

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