Recently we came out with an- other test in the 600hp segment. Here we provide some previ- ously unreleased photos taken during our last test in this class. The car was: Kleemann's tuned AMG E-class, called E55 K3.

The 610hp vehicle has made great impression not only by its immense acceleration but also stunning exhaust sounds that accompanied the supercharged engine's job. More on the car can be read via this link: Driving Report

Here we rather would like to draw attention to the photos. Taken on a splendid estate at the Baltic Sea, some of the pic- tures show two countries as the opposite shore is Swedish ter- ritory. Of course, our readers surely prefer to focus on the silver object in the foreground, at the Danish side.

However, it was a great location to shoot the super E-class. Kleeman's former PR manager Thomas Wulff had suggested this place, but he initially had another background than the Baltic seanery - sorry scenery - in his mind. Think the photos are good enough to be pro- vided here for free, non- commercial download. Aren't they!!!!?

Kleemann K3 wallpaper #1: front-right view

Kleemann K3 wallpaper #2: rear-left view

Kleemann K3 wallpaper #3: right side view

Kleemann K3 wallpaper #4: engine section

Kleemann K3 wallpaper #5: front view

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