GTR 650 Avalanche: Porsche 911 (997) by Gemballa - right side view


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About one year ago we showed a first draft of Gemballa's super 997 named Avalanche. Now the car is out and we naturally present it here. Especially the modified side panels with the air intakes are remarkable and look very good. Large wheels round off the look. The rear has many motor sports features. Gemballa's mighty rear wing makes visually clear that this one has some horses more than a standard Carrera.

And the large mesh grill in the rear apron underlines this. The front seems a bit different. The bumper has also big apertures but their shapes make it smile. Exactly that might be the facial impression of the driver when he pushes this 911's accelerator. 650 hp is fun, 335kmh top speed can be stress. But stress means adrenalin and this could cause exhilaration [ ... but also panic! ].

Braking is anticipated to be a unforgettable experience too, since Gemballa have mounted a high performance braking system to stop the Avalanche. To give away further technical data and facts on this fantastic Porsche, we have added the official press release on the Gembal-
la GTR 650 Avalanche, shortened to the decisive specifi-
cations. We also have illustrated the lines with some more photos of the car. See next pages.

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