Welcome to the second line of that item. The first one, the headline, is part of the story this time. Because, one of the TechArt press managers recently discovered a font to his taste on our contents page and asked about its name. But there wasn't a one, since it was exclusively created for our teaser of this year's reports on the Leipzig motor show AMI. As we heard that it was considered to be used for the forthcoming extra wide Cayenne of the noted Porsche tuner, our designer just recreated the required letters in this style.

Regrettably, with the car's name, MAGNUM, it doesn't look as good as with the letters of our home town, and the birthplace of the Cayenne: LEIPZIG. Anyway there was no affinity of this combination of letters and that type of 'cuneiform writing'. So two alternatives by that pattern were additionally designed but they weren't to the idea of the fellow from the Porsche tuner. Only advantage, we had three ready headlines for an article on the car, yet before it was out.

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