Lancia Kudos
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cars but anyway, the vehicles sell slow.
And the Italian make isn't available in many important markets as well as, apart from the small car Ypslion, the line-up doesn't meet ready customers. In spite of the vehicle's noble interior trims, they are as popular as intestine cancer. Sad thing, Lancia is in a bad condition. The upper mid-class sedan Thesis, intended to rival cars the likes of Mercedes E-class, Saab 9-5 or Jaguar S-type, is nothing but a further example of how difficult it is to sell autos in this price segment when the right image lacks. But, the brand actually has a remarkable history, an advantageous tradition .

Only problem, the Thesis' look neither mirrors this heritage, nor does its styling meets people's taste in general. To show how to regenerate the make's previous days' glory via design, we commissioned Stefan Schulze, one of the most successful car designers of the last years, if he wasn't the most triumphant one. With his sensational award-winning concepts Hornet and Peugeot 4002, he has made great, not to say unbelievable, impact in the car design scene. That's why we're really happy about the deal and the result is everything except disappointing. Although, there also were a few things with the first draft we found fault with. And so we have contributed a few cosmetic details to the final look. [see right column]

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