A power of over 600hp on a mid-size car belongs to the extremest automotive things to report on. Even the bold AMG guys don't dare a combination like that but, Kleemann from Denmark does. Our editor Luzz has checked the four-wheeled rocket out and came back with astonishing impressions in his luggage. Read them here click..!

Instead of our Bora, a truly lousy heap, a Jetta MkII had to go on the long way to Denmark click..!

Here come a few intentions, considerations and facts regarding that item, our very first foreign report click..!

A few facts on the tuner and specialist for aston-
ishing supercharger solutions click..!

This is the Kleammn C-class boosted to 600bhp. It was completed shortly after our editor's visit at Denmark. But Luzz has gained a few impressions of its type of engine on a CLK. Here comes the article on the rakish mid-class Merc click..!

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