our photoshop of a CLS Shooting Brake
As we read that it exists on the drawing boards of the Mercedes Benz design studios, we were pretty surprised about it. But the source's next lines confirmed what we expected: The Shooting Brake derivation of the CLS has a snowball's chance in hell to go into production one day. Nevertheless, we liked the idea of seeing it on the road. Only problem, already its basis, Mercedes' crossover sedan-coupe CLS is a niche car. So, a shooting brake version would be a niche car on a niche car's base.


In view of this, it's no surprise that the strategists anticipate that the market for this exotic option is too small to earn money on it. Nonetheless, even at the risk of seeing our illustrating photoshop in some forums, underlined by dismissing comments regarding photoshop pictures, or any other stupid things, such as that it's a car to come, we have created our own concept: Just for fun, and for those who like to see unexpected cars here. Even though that dream won't come true, regrettably.

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