2004 comes to an end and it was an exciting year for fast-zi-nation.de. Although the number of visitors still don't meet the amount it takes to justify the efforts. Also very bad, we've lost our dotcom-domain since Network Solutions demanded extra money for a service already paid at our German provider. Fu***** Sh**, the Americans took advantage of the fact that sueing them in the USA would be too expensive. And, we're not the only victims of this practice. Watch out, don't have your domain registered there, when your not from the United States.

On the other hand, the bygone events indicate very positive and promising developments in terms of targeted journalistic aims. A driving report on the Kleemann E55 K3 - a sedan of over 600hp, the Lancia Kudos specially created for our magazine by Stefan Schulze - the man who has designed the well-noted and award-winning Peugeot 4002, previously unreleased stuff from German tuners such as TechArt, and other not less exclusive items make clear that we mean business with fast-zi-nation.

The disadvantage is that it seems very hard now to keep this level in the next year too. But we promise to do our very best, despite the adverse situation, from a financial point of view. Some nice, entertaining and exclusive things already are in preparation and a few interesting occasions might come up in course of the forthcoming month, we hope. Will very much appreciate such chances but don't forget those who has made 2004's fantastic items and all that pleasing attention possible. That's why, special thanks go to...

Enes Canay, hobby car designer, Germany
[ for supporting us by means of illustrating drawings in the case of lacking photos ]

Thomas Wulff, PR manager of Klemmann, Denmark - Kleemann.dk
[ for inviting us and organising some important details ]

Stefan Schulze, FirstSignal, Germany, FirstSignal.de
[ for creating the Lancia Kudos and changing a few things to our taste ]

Yannis, personally unkown visitor from Greek
[ for mentioning our magazine so many times in the forums of GermanCarFans.com ]

...as well as to all unknowns who have done equally great things for us. The Fast-zi-nation team wishes all who read these lines a good start into a happy new year and also relishes the prospect of having you here as a visitor in 2005 too.

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  from above:

- CLS Shooting Break
- Gallardo by Hamann
- TechArt GT Street XL
- Merc CLS by Brabus
- Porsche Cayenne
  Magnum by TechArt

- Audi RS6 Plus by Abt
- SEAT Altea by Eibach
- Our very finest excuse
- 3 Mercedes by A_R_T
- The future plans of the
   M GmbH

  From left to right

- Lancia Kudos designed
  by Stefan Schulze

- 6-series by Hartge
- AMG E55 by Kleemann
- Boxster by Enes Canay
- Audi AS400 by Abt